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Commercial Cleaning Services

MCJ & Prestige Cleaning Services specialists know the importance of well-maintained, spotless and fragrant office areas. Our office programs are devised using specialized checklists to make sure that no detail is left out while also ensuring customers receive the same service and attention to detail every time.

Our basic regular cleaning routine includes mopping of all hard surface floors, carpet vacuuming, wiping all surfaces, litter removal, computer and telephone cleaning, desk and chair cleaning, etc. Detail-oriented and diligent staff members make sure that every dust particle and even the tiniest spot of dirt is cleaned away on any every piece of furniture.

Our office services are in no way limited to workplace cleaning. We clean office bathrooms, restrooms, canteens, entrance halls, reception areas and any other spaces within your facility. Our cleaning professionals expertly deal with glass or mirror surfaces. MCJ & Prestige Cleaning Services staff make every effort to ensure that all employees and visitors will be impressed and satisfied with the unsurpassed cleanliness.



MCJ Professional Cleaning Services has 14 years of construction clean up experience. MCJ handles all types of new construction cleanup, renovations, commercial buildings, offices, retail stores, residentials buildings, condominiums, medical buildings, and much more. We are your solution you are looking for. MCJ provides highly trained labor, Project Manager supervision throughout the entire project. As well a top of the line equipment required to provide a complete Rough, Final, Touch Up Cleaning, and handle any Punch List package requested for any size of job. We are experienced in construction clean up with all types of floors treatments. Here are some examples of the most current locations we have done construction clean up. As well as other companies in the Tri-county area. These are together


MCJ & Prestige Cleaning Services maintains many doctor’s offices, hospital facilities, health departments, and pharmaceutical operations. We understand the importance of proper disinfection, sanitation and appearance of all areas from the lobby to the operating room. Your entire facility will always be “hospital clean.” Our cleaning program ensures that all cleaning products and processes used are safe and meet industry standards.

Our staff is professional and appropriate. Confidentiality and safety are never an issue at any of the medical facilities maintained by MCJ & Prestige Cleaning Services.



Vinyl, linoleum, wood, or stone floors can be extremely durable and long-lasting if maintained properly. When a wax sealant is used to protect a floor this can greatly extend the appearance and life of the flooring, but given enough foot traffic and exposure to the elements and environmental factors dirt, grime and other particles can become embedded into the wax. Over time floors can develop a build-up from regular waxing, and this may cause discoloration. Mopping helps extend the life of the wax or other types of sealant, but from time to time it will benefit the flooring to remove the old wax or sealant and apply a new layer. MCJ & Prestige Cleaning Services strips, refinishes, seals and buffs all types of hard floor surfaces, so flooring surfaces maintain their appearance.


Tile is a durable floor surface, but the grout joints can collect a lot of dirt and grime. In order to remove this messy build up in the grout joints and clean the surface of tiles, MCJ & Prestige Cleaning Services utilizes the turbo cleaning system, an extremely effective method of cleaning tiled floors using specialized equipment. The turbo cleaning system uses a combination of high-pressure water, a rotary action and advanced extraction system to clean tiles and deep clean grout. Dirty water is extracted from the surface leaving the tiles and grout joints clean.



Dirt, dust, and mud from shoes can easily transfer to carpeting, and the fibers can become covered in grime. It doesn’t take much for carpets to look dingy and worn out. The more a dirty carpet is walked on the deeper the dirt is ground into the fibers and the shorter the lifespan of the carpet. Dirty carpeting can also be responsible for respiratory and allergy issues. MCJ & Prestige Cleaning Services offers both commercial and residential carpet cleaning options. From a regular clean to freshen up your carpet to a deep clean designed to rescue the dirtiest of carpets, we can provide you with exactly the kind of service your carpet needs.


We also have the capability to clean exterior surfaces using a pressure cleaning system. At MCJ & Prestige Cleaning Services we have pressure washer equipment that has hot water capability, so we can easily and successfully tackle difficult jobs. We can clean residential buildings, as well as commercial buildings, including multi-story buildings, like hotels, apartments, and government offices.


MCJ & Prestige Cleaning Services is the premier window cleaning service in South Florida. We deliver quality service and top quality work on residential, commercial, or industrial jobs. Our team is professional, reliable, and safety oriented.


Regular maintenance on wood flooring can keep the boards looking new and extend the life of the floor. MCJ & Prestige Cleaning Services specializes in wood floor maintenance to enhance your floor’s appearance and to maximize the longevity of your natural surfaces. We use an odorless, dust-free technique that is effective on most wood floors and does not utilize the typical sanding system.