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Why does MCJ Cleaning Service charge by the job and not by the hour?

We want our employees to take their time when cleaning, because this is how they do a thorough and careful job each time. If we were to charge our clients by the hour, they would expect our employees to rush through the process in order to keep their costs down. This would result in a conflict of expectations versus results.

Will I have the same cleaning team each time?

Yes, this is important, much like you going to the same hairdresser each time. Your hairdresser knows what you like and you communicate with her/him and trust is built. Your house cleaning team will learn what you want them to spend extra attention on, and also know not to waste any time on those tasks that are not important to you.

What do I do with my pets on cleaning day?

Our house cleaners are all “pet friendly” so we will be happy to get to know your pets and let them get used to us. You won’t need to lock them up on cleaning day, but if you have a territorial or protective animal that behaves in a threatening manner when the house cleaners show up, we will discuss the matter and come up with a solution that works for all of us. We want your pets to be happy and comfortable, but we also want our employees to be safe.

Do I have to provide the cleaning products and equipment, or do you bring them with you?

It’s your choice. We are fully equipped to bring everything we need to thoroughly clean your home, but if you prefer to provide some or all supplies and equipment, that is fine! It’s up to you.

Are all your cleaning products environmentally friendly?

We are happy to perform your cleaning service using whatever products you prefer. Some clients want only ‘green’ or natural products; other clients LOVE the smell of PineSol. So, again, we gladly provide whatever products you want us to use. We typically use off-the-shelf cleaning products that our clients tell us they like.